Tuesday, 19 July 2011

He's my Guy!

Bollywood movie stars with heavy eye make-up. The rugged Marlboro man. A courier in Louis XIV's court with a white perfumed wig and lace cuffs. An African hunter with intricate body scars made by rubbing wood ashes into knife cuts.

Astrologers and biologists assert subtle, yet powerful, attractions such as compatibility and pheromones. Culture (and advertising agencies) dictate prevailing standards for attractiveness, but I feel the attraction for a hero should be deeper than his skin tone.  My kind of man doesn’t have to have rippled abs or azure eyes.

My eyes might linger on a man with physical beauty, but as soon as he opens his mouth, or fails to hold open the door, I know.

Oh yes, I know.

So what makes a memorable hero? What I find desirable may not be what turns you on, but I like a man who has:

1. intellectual curiosity

2. ethical values

3. above average vocabulary

4. interesting career path

5. honest charm

6. a nice butt

7. lovemaking skills (and the capacity to experiment)

8. dishwashing ability

9. showers regularly

10. kind eyes

What traits do you value in your heroes?


  1. Great list, Ana. Think I'd also include 'similar sense of humour'.
    Also I might just swap 'dishwashing skills' for 'physical similarity to Colin Firth' ;-)

  2. Hi,

    Vote of 10-10 for all the above plus sexy voice! ;)